Puri Lukisan - Panting Museum

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Panting Museum is located about 200 meters from Puri Saren / Ubud Palace and it is dissociated by dell, climb a piece of wide plain with beautiful view. It is situated in calm and peaceful area of Ubud Bali so that this place is an ideal place for who wish to see and enjoy result of art from all big actor like I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, Ida Bagus Nyana, Anak Agung Gde Sobrat, I Gusti Made Deblog, Rudof Bonnet, Walter Spies and more.

What to see?
This museum is opened in the year 1956 by minister of Education and Culture, Mr. Moh. Yamin. This museum is consisted of three special buildings in U-shape. In the middle of this museum is the courtyard and fishpond with the beautiful lotus flower. The building no 1 is a place for a permanent exhibition of puppets dressy or puppets style painting. This building is collecting the painting from I Gusti Nyoman Lempad and the clarification about the existence of Pita Maha Organization. The Building no. 2 is also a place for permanent exhibition or still from masterpiece result of all artist of Balinese modern dressy style. The Building no.3 is for a temporary exhibition.

Other Painting Museums
There is only one museum is exist in Ubud Village that is Puri Lukisan Museum, but Ubud sub district area until the year of 2003 is built with 4 new painting museums those are: Puri Lukisan Museum, Neka Museum, Arma Museum and Rudana Museum.

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